WebRTC Development stands for web real-time communications. It is a very exciting, powerful, and highly disruptive cutting-edge technology and standard in recent times. WebRTC leverages a set of plugin-free APIs that can be used in both desktop and mobile browsers and is progressively becoming supported by all major modern browser vendors. Previously, external plugins were required in order to achieve similar functionality as is offered by WebRTC.

  • Text-to-speech
  • Global audio conferencing
  • CRM integration via API
  • External transfer
  • Internal transfer
  • Browser abstraction

Hire WebRTC Developers from Codegait who are delivering projects of this technology to modify and alter your business as per your requirements. We provide WebRTC Development Services which is growing immensely as an aspiring tool for tomorrow.


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WebRTC is an open-source software which is easily available free to use. webRTC Development is a technology used to establish communication between two web browsers and Mobile Apps. So both browsers can easily transfer the data, voice, and videos. It enables users to do audio calls between two different devices on web browsers without using any internal and external software. WebRTC Communication is based on APIs. It contains various APIs which are used to develop applications for software developers.

WebRTC works on all the various mobile devices as well as web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera. WebRTC solution is perfect for businesses with less space. With a WebRTC phone, all an executive has to do is login to their portal and the web phone will pop up in their window. Here are some benefits that you can leverage with WebRTC Phone.

  • Easy & Secure Communication
  • Easy Configuration
  • Make Use of Space
  • Saves Cost
  • Low Latency
  • High-Quality Audio-Video Communication

Our WebRTC Developers Expertise

At Codegait, our WebRTC developer offers expert and technical support that has the developing capacity on the free and open projects. We offer you the most of its features which is the receiving of immediate communication through JavaScript APIs.

With the MediaStream API, you can access device cameras and microphones using JavaScript. It lets you control where multimedia stream data is consumed and provides some control over the devices that produce the media.

RTC Peer Connection
The Peer Connection is the core of the WebRTC standard. With this, participants can create direct connections with their peers without the need for an intermediary server. It handles SDP negotiation, codec implementations, NAT Traversal, packet loss, bandwidth management, and media transfer.

RTC Data Channel
With RTC Data Channel API, you can bi-directional data transfer of any type of data, media between peers. This design allows the best of both worlds, reliable delivery like in TCP but with reduced congestion on the network like UDP.

Selecting Forwarding (SFU)
In a selective forwarding topology, each participant in a session connects to a server which acts as a selective forwarding unit (SFU). Each participant uploads their encrypted video stream one time to the server. The server then forwards those streams to each of the other participants.

Our WebRTC Development Services

Our WebRTC Development Services is an extensively used solution with optimal encryption capabilities and support. We offer rapid and effective communication solutions. Hire WebRTC Developer from us and embrace dynamic WebRTC development services. Whether you have specific requirements or need expert advice from us, our developer can efficiently collaborate with you.

Custom WebRTC Apps
We help you develop highly customized scalable video chat apps, audio apps, live-streaming apps, and real-time communication apps based on WebRTC with secure data exchange. We help you set up TURN servers to relay traffic, avoid the congestion of audio and video data, and keep your computer running smoothly.

Responsive WebRTC Apps
Our expert team of developers develops real-time apps with a material design which looks similarly good both on desktop and mobile devices. We help you develop more cost-effective WebRTC apps with material design.

WebRTC-based Social Media Development
Backed with great experience and industry knowledge, our WebRTC developers help you develop WebRTC-based social media platforms with our WebRTC-based social media development services.

WebRTC Maintenance & Support
At Codegait, we just don’t stop after developing or deploying your WebRTC applications. But even after deployment, our team is ready to work with you for the better maintenance and support of your application.

At Codegait, our webRTC Development uses a pre-existing, geographically distributed network to scale applications, bridge compatibility gaps between endpoints and everything you are looking for. We ensure to offer you great interoperability with WebRTC windows or even build WebRTC for Android, the greatest tech leader and the most popular platform in smartphones around the world.

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