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The Client was the owner of an incredible and popular Restaurant standing tall in the market over the years. The Restaurant has caught the vibrating pace in a short time with its amazing services delivered to the customer. Being known for its mouth-watering cuisines and dishes, he wanted to introduce them to an enormous audience with great rewards. With a brilliant plan of his ideal vision, he was in search of a trusted partner. Being a top Restaurant App Development company, we have helped him to gain an outstanding result with the Application development. Users loved his app having easy and smooth navigation features.

Project Requirements

To attain success in the market, you need to come up with extra-ordinary features in an app to side-away the competitors. The client wanted to reach a great extent of the public through his Restaurant app at any cost. Looking at his ideal vision, our developers have decided to create these modules for the mobile app:

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Restaurant App
  • Driver App
  • Customer App

Each of the stated modules would have sub-modules for order and delivery of the food through the app.

Admin Dashboard:

  • Log In
  • Application Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Order details Management
  • Finance Management
  • Technical payment module

Restaurant App:

  • Admin panel
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Order management
  • Accept or Decline management
  • Payment process
  • Content Management

Driver App:

  • Registration process
  • Login
  • Order Management
  • Booking History
  • The delivery route to pick up
  • Route Navigation
  • SMS service
  • Call or Chat option
  • Status update
  • All Payment modules
  • Order delivery
  • Tracking

Customer App:

For User-engagement this app is crucial. It would include these modules:

  • Home
  • Menu
  • Registration
  • Wishlist
  • Cart
  • Search by Food category
  • History
  • Offers
  • Search Cuisines and Food
  • Place an order
  • Coupons, Rewards, and Loyalty
  • Time estimation of food delivery
  • Help

Project Challenges:

There were so many demanding complex requirements and challenges our developers have faced while developing the Restaurant food delivery app. The client wanted to add these features to the application:

Home Screen: A mesmerizing UI look and layout with engaging content.

Order History: In order to surface the previous orders and locate it quickly, we made all the feasible attempts and built the order history module.

Place an order: The client demanded that the process of placing an order must be so simple unlike other apps and should not contain too many steps. The order should be placed without facing any hassle.

Search and Filter module: When the user starts searching the food in the search box, the suggestions for every letter should be displayed for the user.

Delivery Map: Track of the order with real-time location information, and any more.

Facing all the above challenges, we have created an impeccable Restaurant app for the client that not only includes enthralling UI but also astounding features.


How we have achieved?

This leading Restaurant App Development company has highly skilled mobile app developers who can manage application developments related to Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Sorting the client requirements of the Restaurant app, analyzing the options, they start building an outstanding Restaurant mobile app for the client. Our fine quality services make us unique from the crowd.

  • Designing the mockup structure according to the restaurant app requirements.
  • Sharing this mockup with the client and conversing with the multiple iterations and scenarios.
  • Listing down the changes and additions that the client wants for the app.
  • Begin the latest development as per the final analysis covering the client’s requirements.
  • Testing the core functionalities and unit testing the inner modules.
  • Resolving the bugs found.
  • Now the end product i.e., top quality Restaurant app would be launched.


With the delightful response of several customers in the market, the client was felt very ecstatic. People loved the pleasing UI design and futuristic functionalities of the Restaurant app.

  • The client was charged with the attention he got and achieved an increase in customer counts.
  • The app which he loved has benefitted him with huge customer savings.
  • He can offer great discounts and vouchers to valuable customers.
  • It eventually took his business on the progressive track in the market.

Codegait, Restaurant App Development company is also planning to update this futuristic idea with a variety of new features or modules integrations and try to provide more strength to the mobile app functionality. We would also love to take the feedback and suggestions of the valuable users and customers that could help us in future enhancements of the app.

Technology / Resources used

Below are the technologies we used in the project:

  • iOS
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Android
  • Yii
  • Linux

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What’s new we are targeting?

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