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Go, or GoLang is an open-source and general-purpose programming language which is used to develop simplistic, effective, and faster software’s. Its syntax is similar to C and has the speed of Python. Hire GoLang Developer from us ensures a high quality output with no compromise in quality. These unique features make it special than others:

  • Cross-Platform Support
  • In-Built Concurrency with higher QPS (Query per Second)
  • Object-Oriented Model
  • Garbage collector
  • Static language (Ensure Error Free Code)

Hire GoLang developer for your upcoming IoT projects which reduce the go-to-market time than any other similar programming stack. GoLang development is the future which supports almost all cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure and Heroku. Our GoLang developers are ready to handle all of your business need with an accurate timeline.

GoLang Development: The Language of Future

GoLang is statically typed-compiled language, which supports the built-in concurrency model with the assistance of GoRoutines. GoLang comes with memory safety and the garbage collector, which maintains the cleanness.

Codegait, a GoLang development company, believes in acquiring the best talent with multiple skill-sets with different business verticals. Using this Go Programming, our GoLang developer can write various solutions like:


Command-line Tools
Using the standard GoLang libraries, it is easy to develop any command-line tools. GoLang is also capable of executing any sophisticated automation that can work with big data too. If you are thinking to go with DevOps, use this highly efficient general-purpose language.


Network Apps
We are living in the cloud era. Nowadays, networking solutions are widespread in our day to day life. GoRoutines is an approach available within GoLang, and this in-built Concurrency helps the GoLang developer to handle millions of GoRoutines same time.


Web Apps
Being a highly concurrent in nature, it is the best-matched language for web-based Enterprise solutions. The net/HTTP package backs all the libraries, providing everything a GoLang developer needs to implement on a live web server with few lines of code.

Developers are using structured storage, Grid computing for real-time solutions like games and online streaming. Codegait, a GoLang development company, is here to execute your next planned application.

Hire GoLang Developer: Connect with a GoLang Geek today!

The objective of GoLang development is to do more with less. Google is powering GoLang with lots of open-source compilers and tools freely available in this software development domain. Top players are moving towards this as now Go has become the language of choice.

With the growing popularity and high in-demand, it can be a challenge to get the right GoLang developer. As per the current survey, GoLang development is a hot topic for developers to learn GoLang as the next programming language.

If you look forward for the future, speed and unmatched performance  you must go with this technology. GoLang is the right choice for your projects. Here are more details:

Easy load handling
In GoLang Development, a developer can convert programs directly into machine code. It means there will be no middle interpreter. Go compiler helps to convert program code into direct executable files and also offers to check code errors in real-time.


Cross Compiling option
Like C, C++ and Swift, Go is a Compiled language. It means Source files run via a Compiler, to produce a binary, or executable files that are used to run the program extremely fast. The compiler facilitates a GoLang developer to compile the code for different architectures for multiple operating systems with writing accessible commands.


In-built Test Support
Go provides an in-built feature to test the Go Code by default. We do not need any 3rd party libraries to run the Unit test. “Go test” command with the package “testing” automates any function with compressive test experience.


Simplicity, Static Typing
Go Development follows a text-based approach more or less similar to C’s; therefore, it is easy to master in Go Programming. It is the first kind of language which supports such a facility for web projects. Type declaration is always on the right side of a variable name. This LTR approach makes sense for humans.

Go Frameworks

GoLang invented as an experiment with an objective to solve common problems that include rigorous dependency management. There are many Go frameworks available which make our life easier.

High-productivity Web Framework with Hot code Reload tool, which allows us to re-build our project with every file modifications.


Open-source web framework with Bee Tool, a function that manages the code updates and runs task once updates are detected. Save times in Go Development.


Protocol Buffers
Go-Exclusive Framework with Neutral mechanism for organising structures data. It is well-known for ease-of-use and simplicity.


Gin Gonic
It is an HTTP web framework written in Go language. The structure is like Martini-like APIs, which is known for high-performance.


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Finally, we can say Go is a language made for native applications with cloud infrastructure and containers. In Fact, it is how containers like docker are implemented. Hire GoLang developer for your next big idea. We, as a GoLang Developer, will take it forward from requirement gathering to deployment.

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