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A noteworthy, independent manufacturer and marketer of poker accessories and products over the globe. Its business domains include the distribution of gaming products, incorporating movies, videos, and software products. Our Hire Game App Developers service ensure the best final product for this client.

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Project Requirements

The client was focusing on a prompt and reliable card game development service provider who could swiftly build an interactive Texas Poker app on both Android and iOS platforms. The client proposed his business idea in which the main target would be to organize tournaments and events to run online poker with crypto payment facility.

  • A few more prior details, the client has committed regarding the project.
  • The game application must be receptive and should engage innumerable attention.
  • Should be simply usable and addictive to the end-users.
  • App must have the latest trending design.
  • Flexible to handle at least 50k concurrent people/players without any lags.
  • Extensive admin panel with proper reporting facility.
  • Third-party RNG certification from iTech labs.
  • Must be productive that it could easily generate revenue.


Our expertise game app developers and designers overcome the following challenges during the game development phase.

  • As the customer was stepping the online gaming market for the very first time and so it took some time to grab the convolutions of the game development domain.
  • The client was in search of a companion who could grasp the vision of the game and build and launch it within a swift pace.
  • The client was glancing for a boundlessly running game which is quite distinct from what is existing in the game world.
  • The client concluded that Game should be accessible for different geographical users with minimal brutality and shouldn’t be overabundant and it must contain Leader board for multiplayer statistics.
  • Client does not want to keep a recurring expense to run his poker business. He want to do everything custom and in-house. No third party expense.
  • It was clearly mentioned that there will be upgrades in future. Client requested for single code base option to minimize the cost of further enhancements.

How we achieved?

After delicately examining the different requirements of the client and considering the vision of the game, our team of developers formulated the following solution.

  • We design a mockup of the game as per the instructions to assure that we were on the righteous track of building the right Poker app which the client has imagined.
  • Our designer’s team developed a few of the most important screens like Lobby, Tables etc. which incorporated with the game habitat very well.
  • Our team further clarified all these ideas through multiple iterations and discussions with the client.
  • The revamped images and setting up into Unity 3D and import of the assets assisted in minimizing the size of the
  • Poker game development and also avail in resolving the Texture and Graphics errors.
  • We developed custom Game Engine to manage the Multiplayer real time data transmissions within the table players via Socket setup.
  • At last, our team developed the app using the Unity 3D platform within rapid turnaround time.
  • We also executed crowd beta testing before legally releasing the app in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.


The client was exceptionally delighted with the final poker solution to build by our poker game developer’s team. He was not only excited with the standard and professional looking game app but also the cost-effectiveness of the whole project.

  • The game was responsive, interactive, and attention seeker for players.
  • The developed system was now capable to expound the problems and needs of the customer such as Custom design, graphic appearance, and multiple platform (iOS & Android) obtainability and support.
  • Safekeeping the data size of the Game App to depth was achieved, and the Textures & Graphics errors were resolved.
  • Finally, everything achieved and delivered without any third party API and SDks. As a result client save a lot in long-term business operation.
  • The Cross-Platform capability of the game App was accomplished and the data management part was efficient.
  • The user design and interface of the system were quite captive to be used by children.

We are in progress to work on this product and continuously integrating new features or modules and reinforcing the application. We are planning to append even more value for end-users by communicating with them and interacting about the existing application.

Technology/ Resources used

Below are the technologies we used in the project:

  • Unity 3D
  • MongoDB
  • Node Js
  • Google APIs
  • Adobe Photoshop

Being an expert poker game development company we always keep our games on updated technology. Our Hire Game App Developers service always try to keep the cost of development lower and same time high in performance.

What’s new we are targeting?

Well, the enhanced version we are executing currently are:

  • New themes options
  • Multi-language UI setup
  • P2P shuffling (Last phase)
  • Multi-table functionality
  • Launch for different audience over the globe

Get in touch with us for your upcoming Poker Solution. Hire Game App Developers and keep the peace of mind. We will be happy to work for you.


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