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The Client was one of the remarkable online Deals and Coupon service providers that tends to bring whimsical deals from so many local businesses, merchants. With its interesting services, he developed an idea where customers can discover amazing deals at their favorite channels and redeem coupons. He connected for Deals and Coupons App Development and explained to create an online channel beneficial for local businesses and merchants to promote their trades by putting up the deals and coupons.

After the deep investigation, the client has reached us to implement the visionary idea of coupons and deals app into reality. We have developed such features in the app where the customer can find the best deal codes and avail it, on the other hand, the business owners can register and provide the best deals to promote their business.

Project Requirements

The client was desperately in need of a Deals and Coupons App Development service that could make a coupons and deals apps and makes them accessible to the users. The user can redeem the offers by creating a user account in the app. To create this type of mobile app that is both fully-featured and mesmerizing, the Codegait labs have to go with these project requirements:


For Customers:

  • User registration with social accounts or through mobile number.
  • Forgot password recovery through social accounts or numbers.
  • Wallet password (maybe through OTP, Finger touch, etc.)
  • Purchase Deal code.
  • Dashboard (where the user can view the offers and deals according to the location).
  • Menu and settings.
  • Payment using wallet barcode.


For Merchant:

  • Signup using social accounts or registered mobile number.
  • Forgot password recovery using social accounts or contact numbers.
  • Wallet passcode.
  • Home (where the merchant can update or delete the deals).
  • Create Deals module
  • A module where the merchant can scan the Deal code.
  • Merchant Profile
  • Payment Gateway Integration


For Admin Panel:

  • Shop Management
  • Customer Management
  • Merchant Management
  • Deal Management


Being one of the spectacular Deals and Coupons App Development company, we have well-versed mobile app developers, and Graphic designers. We have overcome these challenges while mobile app development for deals and coupons.

  • We have implemented a cross-platform compatible mobile app related to Deals & coupons.
  • The app has an option of managing calculations of user payments which was quite complex. Our developers have resolved this challenging task by developing a custom calculation mode.
  • As per the client’s demand, we have done third-party payment gateway integrations. This was another tough task to develop. We have analyzed keenly about the SDK and API integration in the sandbox and ensured it was working flawlessly.
  • We have created authentication strategies in the app as per the client’s request.
  • The client has asked us to implement search mechanisms to find out attractive deals in the nearby location of the user. Our adroit mobile developers have done it effortlessly.
  • We have also added scan functionality through which any deal can be availed by scanning through mobile app as well as website.

How we have achieved?

Codegait, a Deals and Coupons App Development company has designed a solution with excellent interaction between RDBMS and web server following with fine connectivity and synchronization.

  • Fantastic UI design with attractive features and smooth navigations inside.
  • We have developed a mockup, tested it properly whether the offers are reaching to the right customer or not.
  • Proper logic was applied for accurate data storage of merchants as well as customers.
  • Implemented distinct coupon searching mechanisms in the app.
  • The developed app was tested by our team of QA specialists and performed in-depth unit and manual testing strategies.
  • Resolved the bugs found while testing phase and ensured the mobile app working fine.
  • The end-product has made Live in the play store.


The client got wondered by the positive response he received from the customers and merchants in the market. Including with futuristic design and pleasing functionalities of the app, he was very happy about huge cost savings.

  • Being an all in one platform, the app got more attention from the users than what he has expected.
  • The customers now can interact with businesses directly and make discussions.
  • The user can search and find deals in various categories like Hotels, Restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Businesses can also set restrictions for better data management of the user.
  • The app was highly responsive, interactive, and flawlessly compatible with cross-platforms.
  • It indirectly made a transformative impact of the local businesses seeking rapid growth.
  • Business owners started earning profits offering online deals and saved a lot of money of customers by availing the offers as well.

We are also planning to enhance this idea in the future by integrating a variety of new features or modules and empowering the mobile app functionality. We would also take the suggestions and feedbacks of the users that could help us in future enhancements of the app.

Technology / Resources used

Below are the technologies we used in the project:

  • React Native for iOS and Android
  • MySQL
  • Laravel (PHP Framwork)
  • AWS, Firebase
  • Google API

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