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Magento is an open-source built-in PHP, which helps developers create eCommerce websites and provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Our Hire magento developer service offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools for your business. Magento is highly scalable as well in the sense that it can handle any small or large eCommerce stores.

  • Product Management
  • Category Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Marketing, Promotions, and Conversion Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Checkout, Payment and Shipping

Hire Magento Developer from Codegait who have a proven track record of delivering high-end eCommerce stores and possess the technical expertise to work on various challenging requirements. We aim to deliver the customer-driven Magento Development Services for your eCommerce Store that resonates with your brand and industry niche.


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Magento is an open-source platform for everyone to download free of charge. It gives you more functionality, including marketing features, customer reward programs and targeted promotions. Hire magento developer for your upcoming eCommerce project. Even, you get 24×7 support from Magento’s technical team. With a user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop capabilities and in-line editing capabilities, you can easily create an experience that integrates seamlessly on mobile, social or in-store and that don’t require IT support.

Magento stands out as one of the most robust, flexible and robust eCommerce platforms in the market. Magento offers plenty of powerful tools to develop and manage your online store. Like any other platform, it has its own benefits for the eCommerce stores.

  • Feature-rich & Powerful Platform
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Flexible Content Management
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Currency and Language Support
  • Custom Integrations

Our Magento Development Expertise

At Codegait, we are well-versed and equipped with the latest technologies to take your Magento eCommerce store to the next level with our Magento Development Services. We aim to deliver exceptional development services for your online store with great turnaround time.

Zend Framework
Magento Framework has control over the connection options of an app component; such as – request flow, routing, indexing, caching, and exception handling, etc. It also reduces the effort of creating elements that contain business logic.

Symfony Framework
Symfony is flexible and scalable eCommerce solutions designed to boost your business and succeed online. It’s a very cost-effective technology platform which makes it possible for you to control the content, functionality, and look and feel of your online store.

Using Redis, Magento provides command-line options to configure the Redis page and default caching. The command line provides validation, ensuring the configuration is syntactically correct.

Varnish Cache is an open source web application accelerator. It’s also referred to as an HTTP accelerator or caching HTTP reverse proxy. Unlike web servers like Apache and nginx, Varnish is designed to be used with the HTTP protocol.

Our Magento Development Services

Our expert team of Magento developers helps you whether you are just starting out with a brand new build or whether you need Magento extension development and other upgrades for your current site. We are happier to help you to take your company to the next level.

Magento Theme Development
Hire Magento developer to render the enthralling and SEO optimized Magento themes, bestowed with the best UI/UX, W3C compliance, and cross-browser support. Leverage our service to receive heavy traffic, and a better conversion rate throughout.

Payment & Shipping Gateway Integration
Payment and Shipping Gateway is the primary factor of any Magento store. With this service, we incorporate our technical competency to add third-party shipping and payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and square within the website.

Custom Magento Solutions
With Custom Magento Solutions, we develop a custom application from scratch, revamping the existing design, Magento migration, integration of third-party API, etc. With all this, you’ll get an effective Magento solution from us.

Shopping Cart Development
Our extremely talented Magento shopping cart developers work adroitly to help you in your advanced feature-enriched Magento store. You can leverage a high-tech shopping cart that offers smooth navigation and optimum security.

Dedicated Magento Developers for Hire

Having a talented and experienced tech-savvy team of Magento developers, we design, develop and deploy successful eCommerce stores for clients across the globe. Our Hire magento developer service is designed to work closely with our clients where they can leverage the expertise of our talent pool. Accelerate your business growth backed by our powerful technical support and exceeding business skills.

  • Client-Centric Approach
  • State-Of-The-Art Development Facility
  • UI & UX Focussed Development Model
  • Comprehensive Decision Making
  • Reliable And Engaging Development Solutions
  • Reasonable And Responsive Development Model

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“Reliable, Professional and Simply Great at what they Do”

Great thanks to the Codegait team for having such professionalism during our software development. The team always strives to bring productive results. The best part is that I got a full team that includes app and website developers, content writers, as well as a support resource. It is worth to mention the Codegait team was always available for any query to assist my local team.

Michael Ovtchinnikov
Founder / Startup Business
Joshua Abramovitz

“Fast Development and Great Communication”

I was looking for a Mobile Development Team to work on my idea. I am not technical so I was expecting someone who can handle this idea from zero to launch. At the same time, I contacted 3 teams and this Codegait team was so impressive. The best part of this team is the document approach for clients like me. I am very happy with the outcome and recommend anyone looking to hire app developers.

Joshua Abramovitz
Co-Founder / Music App 4bar
Nicholas Garwood

“Excellent Company To Work With”

Looking for a developer, I recommend this Codegait Team. I collaborated with Codegait to develop an eCommerce platform for my fashion brand. I really enjoyed the milestone planning and development process. My assigned project manager was very active. In the future, we are planning to go for mobile apps and for sure this team will be the first and final choice. I appreciate their dedication.

Nicholas Garwood
Founder / The Only Way Is Granite
Jessica Botelho

“Met and Exceeded our Expectations”

I tried them first with a $59 USD project to design a landing page. My first project was in 2014 and till now I have done 20+ projects and it keeps going. Paul is the man who guides me for every stage of the project and I swear he works as a partner and understands my situations too. The Codegait team is great. My search ended here and they always co-operate to achieve my client's expectations.

Jessica Botelho
Business Manager / Brokerage Firm

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