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Laravel is an open-source PHP framework which is used to develop web apps easier and faster through built-in features. Using Laravel, developers can easily develop an app web service API without sacrificing application performance. Hire laravel developer to apply this powerful framework, providing powerful tools needed for large, robust applications. It’s used to build state-of-the-art web applications adhering to model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.Here are the core features of Laravel  development that makes it the most used PHP framework.

  • Inbuilt Libraries
  • URL Generations for templates
  • MVC Architecture Support
  • Fine Unit Testing
  • Easy Tool Integration
  • Traffic Handling

Hire Laravel developers to enhance the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your business to the next level. Leveraging our Laravel developers, you will be benefited from skills and render the experience in your project needs. We easily integrate with your existing team and help you deliver the best results on time.


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Laravel framework is a powerful framework, providing powerful tools for small, large and robust applications. It provides lots of built-in functionalities allowing laravel developers to work with ease. It’s capable of catering to the needs of both experts and beginners. Hire laravel developer for your data driven project. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development and allows developers access to advanced features and essential tools that improves efficiency and saves time. It eases the common tasks used in the majority of web projects such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

Laravel is a powerful PHP framework allowing swift development owing to its inherent features and functions. Hire laravel developer, gives the power to code flexibly and takes care of dynamic development requirements – from small websites to full-scale enterprise applications. Now, let’s check out what are the benefits that you get if you leverage the Laravel framework.

  • High Security
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Powerful Authentication
  • Blade Templating
  • MVC Architecture
  • Object-Oriented Libraries

Our Laravel Developers Expertise

At Codegait, we offer advanced and customer-driven Laravel development services to accelerate your business by creating brilliant web applications for startups and enterprises. Backed with great experience, our laravel development team leverages the best features of the Laravel PHP framework to create solutions that perfectly match the client’s requirements.

PHPStorm has smart code navigation which runs smoothly. It allows fast and safe refactoring, easy debugging and testing. It increases the productivity of the developer while saving time at debugging codes. It’s known for its seamless performance.

Laravel Debugger
To debug the Laravel application, Laravel Debugger is used. The debugger for Laravel is displayed at the bottom of the browser and provides the debug information. The queries tab of the debugger displays the number of queries that have been fired.

Socialite is the tool in the Laravel framework, enabling the most seamless way to handle OAuth authentication. This allows users to login via popular social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google GitHub, and BitBucket.

PHP Code Sniffer
PHP Code Sniffer is a style checker. It’s similar to other linter tools like jshint, pylint, checkstyle, etc. It is used to check indentation, missing comments, naming conventions, etc. This ships with various popular PHP styles such as PEAR, PSR2, and Zend among others.

Our Laravel Development Services

Our Laravel developers develop the Laravel PHP Framework suiting both small and large-scale enterprise projects. We offer a robust model to hire laravel developers, developing and delivering high-end and reliable solutions at affordable prices. We are known for delivering Laravel application development in the world for providing end-to-end support.

Laravel eCommerce Development
Our Laravel eCommerce Development works on the content management system using Laravel framework. Our Laravel developers develop fantastic and bespoke eCommerce solutions utilizing these Laravel development features.

Laravel Migration Solutions
With our Laravel Migration Solutions, our team helps you migrate your application to Laravel from ASP.NEt, java, Python or other PHP frameworks without losing any data. We make sure that your data is secure and in safe hands.

Laravel Support & Maintenance
We are specialized in the management of business-critical Laravel app development. We offer ongoing and end-to-end maintenance & support services to clients for their existing Laravel web apps to maintain its functionality and security.

Third-Party Integration
Are you looking to integrate third-party applications with your existing Laravel app? Or wish to integrate payment gateway? Don’t worry, our developers will help you integrate third-party apps with your application.

Our Laravel Development Services

As a leading Laravel development company, we deliver Laravel CMS development and Laravel extension development services to meet the expectations of customers. Over the years, working with Laravel frameworks in various industries, we have gained experience on different fronts of Laravel development. This experience has taken us to the top spot when it comes to taking advantage of the Laravel framework and designing futuristic web applications.

  • Full-Stack Development Expertise
  • Proven Methodology
  • Reliable Support
  • Customer-Driven Approach
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Rich Domain Experience

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Great thanks to the Codegait team for having such professionalism during our software development. The team always strives to bring productive results. The best part is that I got a full team that includes app and website developers, content writers, as well as a support resource. It is worth to mention the Codegait team was always available for any query to assist my local team.

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I was looking for a Mobile Development Team to work on my idea. I am not technical so I was expecting someone who can handle this idea from zero to launch. At the same time, I contacted 3 teams and this Codegait team was so impressive. The best part of this team is the document approach for clients like me. I am very happy with the outcome and recommend anyone looking to hire app developers.

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Looking for a developer, I recommend this Codegait Team. I collaborated with Codegait to develop an eCommerce platform for my fashion brand. I really enjoyed the milestone planning and development process. My assigned project manager was very active. In the future, we are planning to go for mobile apps and for sure this team will be the first and final choice. I appreciate their dedication.

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I tried them first with a $59 USD project to design a landing page. My first project was in 2014 and till now I have done 20+ projects and it keeps going. Paul is the man who guides me for every stage of the project and I swear he works as a partner and understands my situations too. The Codegait team is great. My search ended here and they always co-operate to achieve my client's expectations.

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