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Kotlin is an excellent open-source programming language which is developed by JetBrains and officially announced by Google for the Java Virtual Machine. Kotlin is Google’s official language for Android app development. Kotlin is a designed and mature programming language that makes Android native app development faster and more exciting. Since it uses Java, developers can easily integrate with all Java-based products. It is best suited for mobile and even web application development.

  • Java Compatible
  • Good Compiler
  • Enhanced Run-time Performance
  • Null Safety
  • Sealed Classes for Restricted Hierarchies
    Less Boilerplate

Hire Kotlin app developers to develop an app that raises the profit graphs of your business and increase the growth of your business. With modern technology and expertise, our Kotlin developers will boost productivity. We provide the best services to our clients with better solutions which can transform your application in smooth solutions.


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Kotlin is a language mainly for experienced Java developers that runs on the virtual machine. Kotlin supports Android Studio 3.0 and other versions.Our Hire Kotlin Developer service enables you to create new projects, convert the old Kotlin files to Java language code. Kotlin development brings the features of programming languages which have been proven beneficial for large-scale projects. Kotlin presents like the lessened probability of bugs, clear readability of code and reduced development time.

Kotlin consists of many tools and frameworks that work with Java. The advanced compiler of Kotlin can check the errors both during compile time and run time. It also brings down the number of lines of code significantly. Here are the benefits why, as an Android developer, you should start seeing this programming language.

  • Completely Interoperable With Java
  • Safer Code
  • Easier to Maintain
  • Data Classes
  • Open Source
  • Less Coding Requirement

Our Kotlin Developers Expertise

Having a plethora of experience in developing and delivering Kotlin mobile apps, Codegait offers you to hire Kotlin app developers on a full-time, part-time and hourly basis. We aim to provide the best services to our clients and leverage the features of Kotlin which can be proven beneficial for developing a hassle-free Android native app.

Android is the world’s renowned and popular mobile platform operating system. It’s a modified version of Linux Kernel with other open-source software. It allows you to customize your entire digital life with it.

Kotlin MVVM
Kotlin MVVM includes all the data classes, database classes, API and repository. It contains data required in the View and translates the data to present inside a View. The View without being aware of computation makes ViewModel reusable.

Data Binding
It is a support library used for binding UI components from layouts to a data source in apps using declarative format rather than programmatically. Improving your app’s performance keeps your app simpler and easier to maintain.

Jetpack Library
It is a suite of libraries, tools, and guidance to help developers write high-quality apps easily. Incorporating best practices it helps in simplifying complex tasks to focus your code more carefully.

It is a mobile and web application development platform. Offering a vast set of tools it provides a wide array of features to help you simplify app and web developments. It provides easy to use SDKs and ready UI libraries.

Dependency Injection
It is a technique used in programming where objects are created using external entities or objects. It helps you to make your code simpler by reducing dependencies with fake implementations which makes testing easier.

Our Kotlin App Development Services

At Codegait, we offer you to hire Kotlin developers of the best quality skills on the contract basis with a new innovative forward vision, mission, plans and objectives to provide your app new stability and intuitive operation to give unbeatable growth to your business. Our Kotlin developers help you to satisfy your needs when you are looking for a specific requirement in your niche.

Custom App Development
Our Kotlin developers strive to develop custom applications of your dreams that are acknowledged for scalability, robustness, and security. Hire Kotlin developers from us who have good experience in the development of Kotlin apps.

Server-Side Development
With server-side development, our Kotlin developers host Kotlin applications that can be easily compatible with Java web applications. We develop applications on the server in a succinct and articulate manner.

Kotlin App Migration
With Kotlin App Migration, our Kotlin developers can migrate any of your existing applications using Kotlin technology, keeping your current file as it is. We relocate and change over your current apps into Kotlin’s innovation without hurting your existing application.

Kotlin App Optimization
Our experienced Kotlin developers develop Kotlin applications efficiently and optimize the code by eliminating errors in the app. We streamline the Kotlin code to optimize it.

Kotlin/Native App Development
Having a great experience in Kotlin/Native App development, our developers allow Kotlin code to be compiled in native binaries. It deploys on the platforms that do not need the virtual machine.

Mobile App Development
Kotlin is a suitable and best programming language to develop a mobile application for Android. Our Kotlin developers develop robust, feature-rich, and secure Android apps using this language. These apps are good quality apps.

Dedicated Kotlin Developers for Hire

At Codegait, our Hire Kotlin Developer service ensure that team work closely with clients from different dares to craft the sensible application, picking the correct development frameworks, picking the right group, and adjusting the idea with Kotlin’s new updates. Our Hire Kotlin Developer service empower your business and keep your customers cheerful by providing seamless Kotlin development services.

  • Bug Free Coding
  • Agile Development Process
  • Out of the Box Solutions
  • Quick and Easy Onboarding
  • Updated Progress Report
  • Round-The-Clock Support

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Great thanks to the Codegait team for having such professionalism during our software development. The team always strives to bring productive results. The best part is that I got a full team that includes app and website developers, content writers, as well as a support resource. It is worth to mention the Codegait team was always available for any query to assist my local team.

Michael Ovtchinnikov
Founder / Startup Business
Joshua Abramovitz

“Fast Development and Great Communication”

I was looking for a Mobile Development Team to work on my idea. I am not technical so I was expecting someone who can handle this idea from zero to launch. At the same time, I contacted 3 teams and this Codegait team was so impressive. The best part of this team is the document approach for clients like me. I am very happy with the outcome and recommend anyone looking to hire app developers.

Joshua Abramovitz
Co-Founder / Music App 4bar
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Looking for a developer, I recommend this Codegait Team. I collaborated with Codegait to develop an eCommerce platform for my fashion brand. I really enjoyed the milestone planning and development process. My assigned project manager was very active. In the future, we are planning to go for mobile apps and for sure this team will be the first and final choice. I appreciate their dedication.

Nicholas Garwood
Founder / The Only Way Is Granite
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“Met and Exceeded our Expectations”

I tried them first with a $59 USD project to design a landing page. My first project was in 2014 and till now I have done 20+ projects and it keeps going. Paul is the man who guides me for every stage of the project and I swear he works as a partner and understands my situations too. The Codegait team is great. My search ended here and they always co-operate to achieve my client's expectations.

Jessica Botelho
Business Manager / Brokerage Firm

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