Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of connected physical devices that are accessible through the internet. It’s a system of interconnected digital devices, machines, objects, or people provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transmit and share data over the network. It bridges the gap between physical and virtual worlds. Hire IOT Developer for your next upcoming business idea. The Internet of Things can connect different devices embedded in various systems to the internet.

  • Distributed Architecture
  • Modular and Future-proof
  • Easy Connectivity
  • Sensing and Detection
  • Open and Independent
  • Artificial Intelligence

Hire IoT Developer from Codegait who are the most excellent coders you can find with skills that are not compromised by the cost-effective rates that we offer. Having great experience and expertise in IoT Development, we fulfill our client’s business needs. We also provide round-the-clock support to develop sustainable and innovative solutions for your project.


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Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes the idea of physical devices being connected to the Internet and being able to identify themselves to other devices. The IoT devices are capable enough to transfer data over a network without requiring any human interaction. With the increased usage of IoT, it’s going to be the next thing in the world of technology and the internet. Now is the high time to take your business to the next level by Hire IOT Developer and integrating your devices with IoT-enabled apps and make it future-ready.

The Internet of Things promises a strong added value to each organization. By connecting devices (objects), people and environments, it becomes possible to develop improvements that can only be beneficial.

  • Productivity Improvement
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Rapid Response
  • Reduction of Human Errors
  • New Capabilities to Predict and Act
  • Improve Control of Operation Processes

Our IOT Developers Expertise

Our experienced IoT team offers customized IoT development services to our clients across the globe. We analyze the IoT business use cases so as to come up with business models which will work towards increasing productivity, security, and ROI all the while reducing costs.

IoT Sensor Development
Our IoT developers build sensors that execute requests such as track vehicle location, lock the door, weather condition, etc from the devices. Hire IoT developers from Codegait to develop such real-time apps for your business.

IoT Wearable Development
At Codegait, our IoT developers are proficient and experienced enough to build wearable applications that enable simple work to be done without mobile devices being operated. Leverage our IoT Wearable Development Services.

Warehouse Automation Apps
Using Warehouse automation apps, we can help you develop automated IoT warehouses that use data from embedded sensors to optimize the movement of inventory and the assembly of items.

Asset Monitoring Apps
Maintenance applications focus on predetermined conditions that decrease asset wear and tear, waste energy and improve energy generation.

Our IoT App Services

Codegait is the best IoT Development company in India, designed and developed to meet the special needs that manage your objects and connect your products such as home appliances, medical devices, and industrial equipment to the Internet of Things. We provide end-to-end IoT development services at affordable prices. Our Hire IOT Developer service also help you integrate your existing devices and systems with IoT backed by IoT cloud solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs.

IoT Consulting
The service and IoT consulting of X-Byte Enterprise Solutions provide insights to clients for enabling them to embark on their IoT journey. We guide our clients on their complete journey by facilitating Roadmap Creation, Domain-based Value Stream Mapping, Business Case Preparation, Solution Blueprinting, Business KPIs and ROI Mapping.

IoT Engineering
IoT Engineering services play a vital role in transforming your business. X-Byte Enterprise Solutions is a leading and prominent pioneer of IoT Engineering services driving growth for customers by empowering companies to design and deploy IoT solutions.

IoT Implementation
Right from planning to the deployment, from sensor integration to business intelligence integration, IoT implementation service provides end-to-end solutions by leveraging customer products.

IoT Module Development
Our IoT Module Development service will help you to develop a specific IoT module for your business that promises to endure your business experience. Our experienced team will help you to reach your goal and make the most of IoT technology.

IoT Architecture Development
At Codegait, we offer our customers seamless connectivity with their devices by managing every element right from UI/UX to Architecture Designing. We work side- by-side with our clients to know the exact architect needed to connect their devices

Our IoT developers deliver reliable IoT solutions that cater to the goals and needs of your business irrespective of its size, location and cost. We develop robust, feature-rich and secure mobile applications for our customers.

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Great thanks to the Codegait team for having such professionalism during our software development. The team always strives to bring productive results. The best part is that I got a full team that includes app and website developers, content writers, as well as a support resource. It is worth to mention the Codegait team was always available for any query to assist my local team.

Michael Ovtchinnikov
Founder / Startup Business
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“Fast Development and Great Communication”

I was looking for a Mobile Development Team to work on my idea. I am not technical so I was expecting someone who can handle this idea from zero to launch. At the same time, I contacted 3 teams and this Codegait team was so impressive. The best part of this team is the document approach for clients like me. I am very happy with the outcome and recommend anyone looking to hire app developers.

Joshua Abramovitz
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Looking for a developer, I recommend this Codegait Team. I collaborated with Codegait to develop an eCommerce platform for my fashion brand. I really enjoyed the milestone planning and development process. My assigned project manager was very active. In the future, we are planning to go for mobile apps and for sure this team will be the first and final choice. I appreciate their dedication.

Nicholas Garwood
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I tried them first with a $59 USD project to design a landing page. My first project was in 2014 and till now I have done 20+ projects and it keeps going. Paul is the man who guides me for every stage of the project and I swear he works as a partner and understands my situations too. The Codegait team is great. My search ended here and they always co-operate to achieve my client's expectations.

Jessica Botelho
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