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ICO – Initial Coin Offering is a crowdfunding technique that helps to attain business goals. in ICO Development we enable a issuer to sell the tokens to the investors and collects the funds to make his business ideas into a successful business model. The process of feeding a complete knowledge about the process of ICO, so that a newbie can kick start an ICO process in a successful manner.

  • Capped Contracts
  • Mintable Tokens
  • Finalizable Contracts
  • Burnable Tokens/Freezing Tokens
  • Time Vault Contracts
  • Refundable Contracts

Hire ICO Developers from Codegait who deliver fast, safe and dependable ways to raise capital through ICO. Our expertise in the ICO Development of cryptocurrency is unparalleled, allowing us to offer efficient, reliable ICO solutions which are custom made to suit your needs. We are known for building complex models to suit the token or coin.


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ICO Development involves the consultation services for all the steps involved in launching an ICO. Starting from planning for ICO, white paper writing, token creation, token marketing, legalization, until the launch of the ICO consultation services are provided. In simple terms, ICO Development is the process of consulting experienced professionals in the market, to get hold of effective strategies to implement for the ICO, to achieve better outcomes for the business. ICO is a popular fundraising method that helps entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are altering the way the global economy works. They are increasingly becoming the preferred method of accumulating capital to kickstart projects for various businesses. Successful coin offerings in the past have encouraged investors to venture into businesses with cryptocurrency. ICO Development means to delve for a comprehensive consultation on every step of the way to launching an ICO.

  • Independent Verification
  • Advanced Data Safety
  • Distributed Ledger
  • Better Transparency
  • Improved Tractability
  • Secure Implementation

Our ICO Development Expertise

We are well stacked with ICO Development services which enable us to provide optimized and stable ICO development solutions as per your requirements. Our expertise spans across the complete spectrum of a blockchain product development through the ICO route, from planning an ICO to running and promoting it, until the development of the Blockchain product.

At Codegait, our experts elaborate whitepaper services to present your business more formally to your prospective investors for ICO. We provide accurate and thorough whitepaper services to propose your newly developed crypto coin to the market.

Our expert team of developers creates a detailed prospectus to concisely convey the benefits of the business and attract the audience to buy the coin. Hire ICO developers from us to stay ahead in the market.

Smart Contract Setup
We cater secure and reliable smart contract development services to standardize your business and automate the processes. We offer a safe and stable Smart Contract Development Services to standardize and automate various enterprises.

Landing Page
An informative and user-friendly landing page with social proof, intuitively designed to encourage the investors to get started. Hire ICO developers from us to develop a landing page for your business.

Our ICO Development Services

Coddgait is a renowned ICO Development Company. Our experts develop quick and reliable solutions needed to launch your ICO successfully and raise crowdfunding. Our experts understand your requirements and explain several procedures and levels involved in the conception and production of ICO. Our expert developers ensure positive outcomes of our custom ICO development services that bring exceptional business results.

Token Development
Our ICO developers can help you build a unique ICO token (cryptocurrency) on the blockchain as per your requirement. We analyze and assist you with customized token creation based on your preferences, effective smart contracts creation and implementation into the tokens.

Post ICO Services
We focus on best operational practices, capital control, product architecture and growth while devising your ICOlaunch strategies. Our post-ICO services are aimed at scaling your business with token control, board guidance, HR services and long term business development plans.

ICO Marketing Services
We devise strategies and conduct rapid experimentation across different marketing channels and platforms to identify the best approach to build a community online and grow sales. This can include bounty programs, airdrops, digital marketing and different brand, web strategies

Pre-Sale/ Crowd Sale
Our expert team of developers and designers assist you to pitch your start-up convincingly to your investors during the crowd sale. We also launch smart contracts to keep visibility of different attributes like a hard cap, soft cap, ICO date, ownable, mintable and bonus.

To launch a successful ICO, the best ICO development company with experience in rendering outstanding ICO services is mandatory. Codegait is a top-notch ICO development company, who assists various businesses with all-inclusive ICO services such as Admin Panel, Coin Transaction History, Wallet Integration, Whitepaper, User Dashboard, User Wallet, Payment Gateway, Smart Contract, and Coin Development.

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Our ICO Develoeprs have expertise in ICO website design, white paper, Pre ICO, Post ICO and Toker creation. Share your ICO business goals with us.

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“Reliable, Professional and Simply Great at what they Do”

Great thanks to the Codegait team for having such professionalism during our software development. The team always strives to bring productive results. The best part is that I got a full team that includes app and website developers, content writers, as well as a support resource. It is worth to mention the Codegait team was always available for any query to assist my local team.

Michael Ovtchinnikov
Founder / Startup Business
Joshua Abramovitz

“Fast Development and Great Communication”

I was looking for a Mobile Development Team to work on my idea. I am not technical so I was expecting someone who can handle this idea from zero to launch. At the same time, I contacted 3 teams and this Codegait team was so impressive. The best part of this team is the document approach for clients like me. I am very happy with the outcome and recommend anyone looking to hire app developers.

Joshua Abramovitz
Co-Founder / Music App 4bar
Nicholas Garwood

“Excellent Company To Work With”

Looking for a developer, I recommend this Codegait Team. I collaborated with Codegait to develop an eCommerce platform for my fashion brand. I really enjoyed the milestone planning and development process. My assigned project manager was very active. In the future, we are planning to go for mobile apps and for sure this team will be the first and final choice. I appreciate their dedication.

Nicholas Garwood
Founder / The Only Way Is Granite
Jessica Botelho

“Met and Exceeded our Expectations”

I tried them first with a $59 USD project to design a landing page. My first project was in 2014 and till now I have done 20+ projects and it keeps going. Paul is the man who guides me for every stage of the project and I swear he works as a partner and understands my situations too. The Codegait team is great. My search ended here and they always co-operate to achieve my client's expectations.

Jessica Botelho
Business Manager / Brokerage Firm

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